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Transport Networks
A unified NMS managing multi-vendor multi-technology optical transport networks for Resource & Service Assurance and Resource & Service Fulfillment

Business Case

Some of the key issues that business faces in managing a heterogeneous optical transport network are listed below

  1. Ability to auto discover topology reliably
  2. Different technologies and disparate management interfaces necessitates manual correlation between services and resources.
  3. Tedious, error-prone and non-optimal manual provisioning
  4. Inherent bandwidth inefficiencies due to manual provisioning resulting in fragmentation
  5. Inaccurate inventory data causes error in provisioning - Transport networks are very large thus requiring maintenance of huge inventory details in multiple systems that are not perfectly synchronized
  6. Non compliance to standards makes it difficult and costly to integrate with existing or planned OSS/BSS

CygNet Solution

The CygNet OTNMS has three key functional modules
  1. Service Provisioning System (SMS)
  2. Network Management System (NMS)
  3. Mediation Server
The key functions of the individual modules are

The CygNet OTNMS can be licensed as a complete solution or as individual modules.


CygNet OTNMS incorporates a few industry leading features highlighted below,

  1. Unified View Of The Heterogeneous Network : CygNet OTNMS is a standards compliant umbrella system that provides a unified view of the entire network across different technologies & interfaces. It seamlessly relates the services with underlying network information for comprehensive management.
  2. Auto Discovery of Topology
  3. Service (Circuit) Provisioning : CygNet OTNMS supports automatic, dynamic service provisioning using innovative algorithms which computes optimal routes for service requests ranging from lower to higher bandwidth rates. It takes into account the constraints both specific to different transport technologies as well as user defined.
  4. Inventory Synchronization : CygNet OTNMS unique auto discovery feature enables retrieval of inventory information from the authoritative sources. and. It also discovers automatically the currently active services in the network. It maintains complete resource and service inventory in a standards compliant form in the inventory database. This is periodically reconciled with the network, thus providing an accurate up-to-date inventory repository.
  5. Regroom Bandwidth : CygNet OTNMS supports bandwidth de-fragmentation, a feature that can be profitably used to periodically re-groom the network resources for efficient bandwidth utilization.
  6. Open Standards Compliance : CygNet OTNMS complies with standards like TMF MTNM, TMF MTOSI, OSS/J , WfMC etc facilitating seamless integration with other OSS/BSS systems in a Network Operations Centre.


  1. Unified view of  Services and Networks - decouples the technology modules from the underlying network devices using the mediation server.
  2. Automatic Bandwidth Provisioning - provides optimal path computation for all bandwidths in the SDH hierarchy - for values starting from E1s (2 Mbps) and T1s (1.54 Mbps)
  3. Regroom Bandwidth - The offline bandwidth defragmentation feature can help optimal use of bandwidth and overcome an inherent deficiency in SDH networks.
  4. Flow -through Service Provisioning with support for domain partition enables Service Providers to offer subscriber self care services to customers
  5. Reliable Inventory Information - eliminate dichotomy in network and stored inventory, minimizes service request fulfillment failures, correlates with other management information
  6. Compliance to StandardsCygNet NMS are built to comply with applicable standards like OSS/J,TMF 814, WfMC to ensure seamless compatibility with existing or planned OSS/BSS of the service provider.

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