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Thought Leadership

By virtue of our close association with the celebrated TeNeT Group (of IIT Madras) , we frequently contribute our technical thoughts addressing industry issues related to the Network and Services management .These technical papers are widely published in industry related forums.

  1. Path Computation Algorithms for Dynamic Service Provisioning in SDH Networks Dynamic service provisioning refers to the arrival of service requests one-by-one randomly with no prior information on future requests. This requires the use of on-line algorithms which automatically compute the path to be taken to satisfy the given service request. Traditional works have addressed path computation algorithms, but they treat each link as having some integer units of bandwidth. They do not take into account the multiplexing structure defined by SDH which imposes restrictions on the allocation of bandwidth. In this work, these factors are considered in the path computation algorithms. An improvement in the form of dynamically adjusting the weights of links and trails is done and its performance is shown to be better than having constant weights.