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Solutions Approach

As network deployments grow, network management evolves from just managing proprietary, vendor-specific implementations to multi-vendor, multi-technology implementations. Thus an integrated Network Management Solution becomes an increasing necessity by the network user - be it a communications service provider, managed services provider, or a large network deployment like Defense, Banking or Enterprise. However the expectations and benefits may differ between these types of network users.

A Telecom Service Provider will always expect the integrated NMS to allow him to accelerate time-to-market of new enhanced network-based services with lower costs for capital, management, and maintenance. A Managed Services Provider will expect the NMS to allow him minimize the SLA violations and improve customer experience. For a Large Enterprise like Defense, Banking or Enterprise, the NMS should provide a single point of administration to ease the deployment of their I.T. or security policy and consistently enforce it, while decreasing management costs. For a Network Equipment Vendor, in addition to managing the above expectations of the network user he also has to account for the convergence of voice/data, fixed/wireless technologies and provide an EMS that will have up-to-date network management capabilities.

NMSWorks' approach to address the requirements of this diversified set of customer class is to develop customer-class specific solution with rich out-of the-box functionalities utilizing an underlying common network management framework that is modular, robust and scalable.

Industry – Solution Matrix

NMSWorks delivers CygNet Framework tightly coupled with out-of-the-box industry-specific products and applications. We extend our expertise through specific customization services to deliver a complete solution for our clients. Thus for our customers, our value proposition is - complete management solution tailor made to specific requirements.

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