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Broad Cross-Domain Expertise

CygNet integrated NMS Suite of products is ready to deploy solution but is highly customizable to meet the requirements of individual customer. In effect, CygNet Suite contributes as a powerful, flexible, secure, scalable framework around which a high degree of customization is possible to meet individual Communication Service Provider's requirements

NMSWorks' Experience

With the experience of developing and deploying management solutions for large CSPs , Network Equipment Providers and Large Enterprises including Defense , NMSWorks has logged several years of credentials in the following three areas that are very important for successfully delivering projects on-time and on-cost

  1. Domain Knowledge across multiple telecom verticals and ability to integrate vast number of network elements including legacy.
  2. Software expertise manifest by in-house developed patent-pending  network management framework
  3. Large Project Implementation expertise using well defined processes and methodologies.


NMSWorks has executed Network Management Systems, involving high degree of customization, on-time and on-cost, for networks ranging from small networks (100 elements) to complex networks (1000 elements).Some of the representative projects, utilizing the CygNet NMS Framework, Mediation Servers and Proxy Agents, that we have successfully implemented include

  1. Deployed a highly available multi-tiered CygNet NMS Solution to manage a vastly heterogeneous and proprietary network including Satellite Links VSAT, HF Links and voice exchanges for a mission-critical defense organization.
  2. Deployed a optical transport NMS integrating 5 different technology equipments /vendors, to provide a unified view of Network related and Service-related operations
  3. Developed a solution with web-accessible subscriber manager and customer information portal for a one of Asia's large communications services provider
  4. Deployed CygNet NMS solution that was highly customized to meet customer requirements including a native billing system and customized reports for a large finance network of 100 plus routers and 1000 plus subnets.
  5. CygNet NMS is deployed in a rapidly expanding network of one of Asia's largest communication network providing ILD/NLD, VPN and broadband services. The solution has been architected to gracefully scale as the network grows. In addition it provides a comprehensive FCAPS functionality for a very complex and heterogeneous network.

Technical Expertise

NMSWorks has broad technical expertise contributed by significant person-years of effort in research, development and industry projects. Our experience stack in diverse areas of communication and technology is represented below.

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