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Client Case Studies

The following case studies illustrates the different aspects of CygNet NMS for different classes of network users

  1. Quickly Customizable


A leading development and research organization for banking and finance sector. The client has set up a nationwide mission-critical closed user group (CUG) for interconnection of various banks. The network is built on a blend of communications technologies, with both terrestrial and VSAT components.

Business Issue
  1. Management of high number of routers, switches, servers and links.
  2. Customization of various type of performance reports and graphical views.
  3. Integrate a light-weight billing and accounting information.
CygNet Solution

Highly Customized Views and Reports to meet customer specification were developed quickly. Views and Reports included system Information for various network infrastructure, Interface Table, Queue table, TCP Table, Link Utilization, Link up/down reports, Interface wise link analysis with all reports on hourly/weekly and monthly format.

Additionally, a light-weight billing solution was also required to be covered under CygNet Integrated solution that included information for Data Transfer Rate, Customer-wise, branch-wise billing, WAN link wise billing ,Pending invoices, Invoice Ageing and Payment collection report.

  1. The functions of a traditional NMS along with a specialized billing application resulted in substantial cost savings since a dedicated billing application would have been not only been overkill, but also cost prohibitive.
  2. Also, all the reports and views available through CygNet were customized exactly to the requirements of the client, so that the customer was able to put CygNet to the best possible use.

  1. Managing Optical Transport Networks End-to-End


A Large Communications Service Provider with a comprehensive portfolio including transmission, IP, converged voice, mobility, managed network connectivity, data centers, communications solutions and business transformation services. Their network infrastructure encompasses one of the most advanced and largest submarine cable networks, a Tier-1 IP network, and connectivity to more than 200 countries across 300 PoPs.

Business Issue
  1. To Integrate heterogeneous SDH network elements (NEC, ECI, Marconi, Tejas and Alcatel)
  2. To manage devices with a mix of standard, non-standard and proprietary management interfaces
  3. To provide status of network from network and services perspective
CygNet Solution
  1. Deployed CygNet TMF 814 compliant Mediation Server with plug-in for SDH platforms
  2. Management through SNMP protocol and through proxy agents for other devices
  3. Provided unified interface for both service operations and network operations personnel
  4. Provided rich Analytical features through CygNet - Root Cause Analysis and CygNet - Service Impact Analysis Managers
  1. Single Unified platform for multi-vendor SDH networks
  2. Pro-active customer management
  3. Pin point the root cause of the problem up to card interface level

  1. Seamlessly integrates with other OSS


Listed in NYSE and one of Asia's largest communication service provider with 58000 strong workforce, 500+ state of the art digital exchanges and 1500+ kilometers of optical fiber.

Business Issue
  1. To cater to multiple management requirements for converged billing network
  2. To manage a variety of applications
  3. To manage a heterogeneous network
CygNet Solution

Successfully offered following management capabilities

  1. Network Management for heterogeneous elements - routers and switches
  2. Service and Application Management
  3. Web-based management

Successfully managed applications pertaining to convergent telecom billing like Billing, Rating, CRM, Firewall, among others

  1. Unified platform for managing the entire Converged Billing Network
  2. Extensive Event Reporting and Performance management capabilities from a single point

  1. Multi-tier architecture with high availability and redundancy


A premier Research and Development organization engaged in researching new technologies for combat and defense. With a network of more than 50 laboratories the R&D organization is deeply involved in developing defense technologies covering various disciplines, like aeronautics, armaments, electronics, combat vehicles, engineering systems, instrumentation, missiles, advanced computing and simulation, special materials, naval systems, life sciences, training, information systems and agriculture.

Business Issue
  1. To manage multiple communication systems
  2. To manage multiple management interfaces
  3. To manage a mix of legacy network elements
  4. Requirement to manage network from multiple locations
CygNet Solution
  1. Deployed Proxy agents for network elements with non-standard management interfaces
  2. Developed proxy agents for proprietary communication protocols such as RLLP
  3. Deployed CygNet in cluster mode with high availability and autonomous management nodes with central control at 50 locations
  1. Completely in-house developed solution
  2. API level support for independent and future customization
  3. Reduced dependence on OEM for management software
  4. Heterogeneous Management benefit