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The CygNet Product Suite consists of a set of modules and optional plug-in, with a well-defined upgrade path. A user can start from a simple, real-time network management tool and progressively upgrade right up to a full-featured, standards compliant telecommunications OSS/BSS platform, all based on the CygNet platform.

Given below are the functional modules which are part of the CygNet Product Suite.

  1. CygNet NMS - The enterprise class platform which offers a host of features including Geography-based Management, multiple type of reports, and a standards compliant northbound interface for integration with third party OSS/BSS
  2. CygNet Advanced NMS - A high end platform offering features like trouble ticketing, trend analysis, TMF northbound interface, etc. This module acts as a framework for custom-developed OSS features.
  3. CygNet Integrated Data NMS - The carrier grade platform for management of an end-to-end data network, offering management support for routers, switches, remote access servers, etc.
  4. CygNet Integrated Telecom Access NMS - The carrier grade platform for management of various telecommunication access networks.Currently supports WLL, Broadband & Narrowband DLC's, Direct Internet Access Systems, etc.
  5. CygNet Integrated Telecom Switching NMS - The carrier grade platform for management of telecommunication switching networks. Currently supports wireline as well as GSM/CDMA switching systems.
  6. CygNet Integrated Optical Transport NMS - The carrier grade platform for management of SDH transport networks.
  7. CygNet Application Management - The application management module of the CygNet Product Suite
  8. CygNet TMF 814 Mediation Framework - The bridge between CygNet as an umbrella NMS platform and underlying EMS's/technology platforms.
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