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To fulfill the requirements of our customers' needs, NMSWorks works closely with a range of partners worldwide to accomplish sales, implementation, operations and service tasks. The partner profiles vary from Communication Solution Providers, System Integrators and Consultants.

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NMSWorks endears to deliver its solutions in as many platforms as possible. Our clients have deployed our CygNet solutions in multiple technology platforms.

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NMSWorks recognizes that a key success factor in the recognition of our solution and research efforts is our collaborative involvement in the industry ecosystem. Participation and membership with leaders in industry standards organization assists us to deliver quality products that can solve both business and technology challenges.

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Strategic Partnership Program NMSWorks Strategic Partnership Program revolves around creating an ecosystem with business, industry and technical solutions providers to deliver compelling solutions for our common customers.

Our CygNet solutions addresses the service and network management for primarily three different market segments

  1. Communications Service Providers
  2. Network Equipment Manufacturers
  3. Large Enterprises (Defense, Banks etc)

Each of these markets requires a specific go-to-market approach and we offer to partner with companies catering to the above specific markets. We are committed to our partnerships and seek to gain fruitful and long lasting cooperation.

Objectives of Partnership
  1. Create beneficial relationships to retain and enable shared customers
  2. Complement mutual core competencies to position a compelling solution for customer
  3. Differentiate and establish CygNet solutions to address customer's business issues
  4. Good Telecom and Networking team that can offer reliable local support to our customers.
  5. Win access to new markets
How to apply as business partner to NMSWorks?

For these markets we seek partners, if you see benefit for your company to work with NMSWorks or currently have a business opportunity and wish to apply as partner please mail us to and we will be keen to listen to your partnership proposition.

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