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NMS Development & Testing
Scenarios of NMS Customization and Testing Services

Typical scenarios of customization, integration and testing needs of a CSP where the technical and domain experts of NMSWorks can contribute include

  1. Customer development of NE Agents (Adapters) to rapidly integrate any new element type or vendor equipment with CygNet's network management application
  2. Customer development of features, report presentation, graphical User Interfaces, features and tools of the FCAPS functions, for individual CSP's requirements
  3. Customer development of application interfaces for integration with northbound systems
  4. Customer development for integration of the network management system with higher Service or Business Layer applications like inventory management, Service fulfillment
NMSWorks' Advantages
  1. Rich domain experience of delivering solutions tailored for different telecom verticals
  2. Out-of-the-box development framework with pre-built functionalities
  3. Mediation libraries available to support integration with other elements
  4. Direct support channel and not through any third party solution integrators

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