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Network Equipment Providers

Business Case

In terms of providing the element management system, Network Equipment Providers (NEP) faces the below key challenges that are central to maintaining their competitive advantage

  1. The need to demonstrate clear value additions to their device management system to be a preferred choice of vendor for the service provider. The management functionality should extend beyond mere FCAPS functionality with rich and intuitive graphical interface.
  2. Difficulty in maintaining interoperability and compatibility across different group of product portfolio sometimes encompassing legacy equipments.
  3. Due to expectations from the service providers , few traditional NMS functionalities are being gradually incorporated at the EMS layer itself

A related internal challenge could be limited availability of development/testing resources that could hamper the extensibility or customization of their existing Element Management Solution

CygNet Solution

NMSWorks works collaboratively with Network Equipment Providers to deliver a customized NMS/EMS solution to suit the needs of the NEP. Whether it is a new product line, an enhancement or an upgrade of existing products, maintenance and testing, or the integration with other EMS, NMSWorks has the solutions and technical expertise to meet your requirements .NMSWorks' approach is to provide the ability to seamlessly integrate both the NMS and EMS so that it effortlessly bridges the communication between the network elements and the upper OSS/BSS.

CygNet-Lite has been engineered grounds-up expressly to address the challenges equipment vendors face in deploying high-performance network management solutions. Knowing that the time and costs associated with development are of critical importance to NEPs, CygNet is designed to provide extensive out-of-box functionalities built on an easily scalable development framework. On top of it, CygNet Lite empowers NEP with a high degree of customization that allows to quickly incorporating their products special features and differentiators. The end result is a differentiated management solution effected in a rapid and cost-effective manner. The final winning point is a GUI that is generations ahead of competition

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Feature Rich Out-of-the-box functionality

  1. Multi-vendor multi-domain management platform providing the complete FCAPs functionality at element, network and service layers.
  2. Rich out-of-box functionalities
  3. Highly customizable GUI for operators, administrators and planners
  4. Detailed and graphical inventory view of all the network elements to card and port level.
  5. Multiple topology views
Future-proof: Open Standards

Architected on Open Standards, the management platform allows easy integration with existing or planned OSS/ BSS at the service providers' end.

Extensible Solution

NMSWorks has a library of Mediation Managers to provide multiple south-bound interfaces to different element types or northbound interface for integration with CygNet's NMS or other third party OSS/NMS.

Domain Expertise for Technical Services

With a dedicated team for research, customer applications and product features, NMSWorks provides a unique proposition of partnering with the customer with capability to provide technical support for the entire life-cycle of the EMS.

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