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NMSWorks has a unique blend of technical, industry and academic experts with outstanding achievements and deep understanding of the industry issues – to steer NMSWorks. This has helped NMSWorks to position itself as a technology leader in services/network management functions in communications industry.

Dr. Ashok Jhunjhunwala Ph.D - Founder & Advisor

Passionately advocating "Communication Technology for the common man"

Fondly known as India’s "Telecommunications Evangelist" for passionately advocating communication technology reaching the common man, Dr. Ashok Jhunjhunwala has been instrumental in incubating several world-class technology companies from the TeNeT family. With a visionary outlook, strong technical and research background, industry linkages and a zealous commitment to deliver technology to the rural masses, Dr.Jhunjhunwala is the motivating force behind TeNeT’s philosophy of providing “Technology at Affordable Cost”

Recipient of several national and international awards including Padma Shri (2002) and IBM Innovation and Leadership Forum Award, (2006), Dr.Jhunjhunwala is a prominent speaker in international forum passionately espousing the cause of making technology affordable to the masses.

Dr.Jhunjhunwala is an invited member of Board for several leading telecom and IT companies of India including Polaris, Sasken, Tejas Networks and IDRBT. He is also member of Prime Minister’s Scientific Advisory Committee.

He received his B.Tech degree from IIT(Kanpur) and was awarded M.S. and Ph.D degrees from the University of Maine,US.

Under his vision and advisory role, NMSWorks, incubated by TeNeT, has transformed itself it a leading technology company in the network management space, delivering cutting-edge solutions for different telecom verticals.

Dr.Timothy A.Gonsalves Ph.D - Co-founder

"Simple Solution for Complex Problems"

Dr. T.A. Gonsalves is a founding member of TeNeT group and has been actively involved in guiding the incubation of many Technology companies from the TeNet Group including Midas Communications, Banyan Networks, NMSWorks and iSoftech. Dr. Timothy also holds several patents and has presented many award winning research oriented papers. He also serves as Consultant to State Bank of India and IDRBT.

Dr.Timothy is passionately active in development of products and technology in computer networks and telecommunications, especially aimed at mass markets in developing countries and also in the promotion of software development in rural areas. He translates his goals into tangible actions in his capacity as Director of Rural Technology Business Incubator (RTBI) and Nilgiri Networks. In the initial years, he had also served as Director of NMSWorks and Nilgiri Networks.

A native of Ooty in the Nilgiris, Prof. T.A. Gonsalves received a B.Tech. from IIT-Madras, an MS from Rice University and a PhD from Stanford University, CA, all in Electrical Engineering. Since January 2010, he has been serving as the first full-time Director of IIT Mandi, Himachal.

Dr. Mani Subramanian Ph.D - Chairman

Staying Ahead Of Competition

With rich experience spanning 40 years in industry, research and academy, Dr.Mani Subramanian brings to NMSWorks significant technical and business value. Author of “Network Management: Principles and Practice“ which is widely regarded as the Bible of Networking industry with publications in multiple editions and several languages, Dr.Mani Subramanian holds several patents in the fields of communications, networking, network management, and software systems.

Dr.Mani’s rich experience includes research and development in voice and data communications in software and hardware systems. He has done research and development at AT&T Bell Laboratories and Bell Communications Research and was recipient of  BellCore’s Best Award. Apart from Bell, Mani had held key positions in Engineering and Operations in various diversified corporations including Racal Datacom. He was elected to the Board of the OSI Network Management Forum in 1990 and as its Technical Director, was responsible for the development of the first version of OSI Network Management Protocol Specifications. He was also the founder of ChanneLogics, which was subsequently acquired by Scientific Atlanta in 2002.

At NMSWorks, Dr.Mani Subramanian has directed key initiatives like integrated NMS and Service Provisioning for Optical Transport Networks, Business Analytics - that have helped NMSWorks leap-frog technically over competition in the converged network management space covering Transport, Access, Switching and Data Networks. Under his leadership, NMSWorks is delivering some of the industry–first products in communications network/service management space.

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