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For IP & Enterprise Networks

Business Case

The scenario in an enterprise network management is rapidly changing. Today's business users are demanding rapid rollout of quality and reliable services - both wire line and wireless. Therefore for the CIO and IT Infrastructure offices within an enterprise, providing services is becoming much more than just providing a user with a device and monitoring it on the network. NMS expectation has moved from pure play network uptime to integrated service delivery

Effectively, these offices have transitioned to a smaller service provider themselves, than just a network provider. Therefore the key business parameters they have to monitor are also similar to a service provider, like

  1. Utilize existing network infrastructure efficiently to deliver the services
  2. Identify what services their users need and determine inexpensive ways to deploy them
  3. Evaluate and improve customer experience
  4. Monitor and maintain customer satisfaction

CygNet Solution

The CygNet Integrated NMS is capable of being deployed as a full-fledged Enterprise Management System with the necessary tools and reports to allow IT administrators manage the entire spectrum of IT infrastructure within the enterprise.

CygNet approaches the solution with services as central to all management. The services dependency stack then relates the associated resources for each service. This approach empowers the user to manage his services and networks efficiently and provides the right kind of reporting tool.


Comprehensive Management Functionality

Key management functionalities include

  1. Services Management
  2. Applications Management
  3. Web Management
  4. Desktop Management
  5. Network Management
Extensive Reporting Capabilities

CygNet Enterprise Management System has an extensive reports management capability, which forms a critical part of managing the IT infrastructure in an enterprise. Key reports include

  1. Utilization
  2. Availability
  3. Error
  4. SLA
  5. Network Inventory
  6. Database Management
  7. Application Management
  8. Server Management
  9. Firewall Management


Lowered Cost of Ownership

Most of the currently available NMS solutions for Enterprise are either

  1. Point products that are difficult to integrate (Or)
  2. Are frameworks that are generic and costlier to customize

NMSWorks eliminates this problem through our industry-specific solutions approach. CygNet NMS Solution inherently has the management framework and the additional industry specific solution. This result in rapid deployment and customization is done directly by us. Net benefit for you - a unique NMS Solution tailor-made for your business, resulting in lower cost of ownership

Correlated Management of Network and IT

NMSWorks has significant experience in managing the managing Tier-1 service provider networks and the complex IT infrastructures of large enterprises including that of Defense. Both the telecom network and the IT network are managed through our common platform CygNet, thereby integrating the Network (eTOM) and IT (ITIL) domains impeccably.

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