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EMS Development & Testing
Business Case

Historically, network equipment providers have focused more on a craft interface and built an EMS as a value addition. Also there is almost no pay-back on the development efforts of an EMS. But due to business demand from service operators, today's network equipment marketplace requires a solid EMS with appropriate northbound interfaces into the NMS layer.

Engineering Services

To address this contrasting scenario, NMSWorks works closely with network equipment providers to manage the full-life cycle of EMS. Right from developing new EMS solutions utilizing our easily scalable management framework - CygNet to maintaining existing EMS solutions cost effectively, NMSWorks endeavors to optimize your development and maintenance costs

Fully understanding that the time and costs associated with development are of critical importance to our customers, we have designed the latest version of framework with extensive out-of-box functionality, and an easily customizable development framework

Testing Service

Utilizing in our in-house developed library of test cases, we also offer to test you EMS solution for compliance to standards, performance and security

NMSWorks' Advantages
  1. Rich domain experience of delivering solutions tailored for different telecom verticals
  2. Easily customizable and scalable development framework
  3. Extensive out-of-the-box functionality
  4. Mediation libraries available to support integration with other elements
  5. Direct support channel and not through any third party solution integrators

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