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CygNet Mediation Framework


The CygNet TMF 814 Compliant Mediation Framework acts as the bridge between the CygNet Integrated Network Management Platform and the underlying multi-vendor EMS's/technology platforms. From a TMN perspective, the mediation framework is the key interface between the Network Management and Element Management Layers, and represents the foundation upon which integration is built. The mediation framework is scalable to add additional EMS's and/or technology platforms based on the client needs.

Given below is a diagrammatic representation of a typical CygNet Mediation Framework deployment scenario.


The flexibility of CygNet Integrated NMS arises from the fact that it can be deployed in various configurations, based on the nature and type of network/equipment to be managed. For instance, given a network with network elements having SNMP support, the mediation framework may not be needed at all. The mediation framework becomes essential under specific conditions like when there are multiple EMS's (even the network type may be the same as in a telecommunication transport network comprising multi-vendor equipment). With an existing CygNet Mediation Framework, there exists the possibility of adding plugins to each EMS's that needs to be integrated under the CygNet Platform.

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