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CygNet Core Framework

Value Proposition

NMSWorks clearly differentiates its CygNet Suite of solutions from the competition. Apart from the inherent advantages of being able to deploy very quickly and easy customization, the following aspects provide unique benefits to our client who partner with us,

  • Solutions Approach

    CygNet is not just a framework that involves customization and increases total customer of ownership. Neither it is just a point solution that makes it difficult and tedious to integrate with other support systems and applications. CygNet is carefully engineered to be future-proof and scalable.

    NMSWorks develops the CygNet framework with pre-built common functionalities. Telecom /Datacom vertical-specific applications are then integrated to the CygNet Framework, providing customers a seamless and integrated solution that has the depth and width to grow gracefully as our customer's network grows.

  • Direct Customer Support

    Unlike many competing Framework or point solution providers, NMSWorks believes in technically supporting its customer directly and not through indirect channel partners or system integrators. This provides our clients quick turn-around time in bug-fixes or customization support and also lowers TCO.

  • Integration Adapters for south-bound interface and north-bound interface.

    NMSWorks attaches considerable importance to interoperability and ability to provide a unified umbrella NMS solution. In this pursuit, NMSWorks invests considerable R&D effort and works together with our clients to provide integration adapters for multi-domain multi-technology elements using appropriate North-bound and south bound adapters.


Our CygNet captures most of the functionalities expected by telecom/datacom users in a NMS solution, as listed below. However when there is a specific customization or integration need our technical and domain experts will directly work with you to quickly address them.

  1. Architecture - Modular ,Distributed, Scalable
  2. Manager Of Managers
  3. Highly Available - Clustering
  4. Reliability - Failover, Redundancy
  5. Database - Backup, Synchronization
  6. Operating System - Unix, Windows Server
  7. Protocols - SNMPv3, TL1, CORBA, CMIP/CMISE
  8. Security - Role-based Access, Logs, Audit
  9. GUI - Java Based, Web-based
  10. Self - Diagnostic
  1. Alarm - States , Mapping, Display And Logging
  2. Alarm Augmentation Through Operator Notes
  3. Alarm Suppression - Fleeting /Extraneous
  4. Alarm Filtering
  5. Alarm Escalation
  6. Alarm Correlation
  7. Alarm Trend Analysis And Reporting
  8. Trouble Ticketing Operations
  9. Root Cause Analysis
  10. Resynchronization
  11. Detection Of Unmanaged Far-end Failures
  1. End-to-end Service Provisioning
  2. Configuration Of Network Element
  3. Administration Of Network Elements
  4. Database Management
  5. Element Status & Control Network
  6. Element Installation
  1. Performance Data Collection
  2. Storage Of Performance Data
  3. Performance Alarms
  4. Performance Reporting
  5. Log Analyzer
  6. Planning Module
  1. Central Repository
  2. Auto Discovery
  3. Data Management
  4. Data Model
  5. Reporting
  1. Impact Analysis
  2. Domain Partitioning
  3. Trail Information
  4. CVOS
  5. User Manager Editing
  6. Connection Monitoring
  1. Customizable Dashboard Views
  2. Comprehensive Views and Reports (Current and Historical)
  1. Mediation Servers
  2. Proxy Agents
  3. Open Standards Compliance
  1. IP - Router, Switches, Links
  2. Access Broadband / Narrowband
  3. Wimax/ Wi Fi
  4. Telecom Switching ,
  5. Telecom Transport (SDH)
  6. VSAT And Satellite
  7. Data Center Managed Services
  8. HF Links
  9. GIS Integration
  10. Bank Transaction Reconciliation
  11. Billing

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