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CygNet BIS

Business Issue

Data in a telecom company grows exponentially and service providers grapple with large amounts of CDR and other data. Generic BI tools do not address the inherent needs that integration with other applications and support systems like the NMS, OSS or BSS. Key expectations include

  1. Technical expertise to extract meaningful information from complex data structures, like CDRs, Billing and Routing policies, for making informed business decisions.
  2. Good understanding of the operator's working process , type and volume of data involved
  3. Customize the data integration for analysis from multiple data sources
  4. Robust algorithms to derive trends, patterns and facilitate predictive analysis

CygNet Solution

In combination with the Cygnet NMS Framework and other Service Assurance applications, CygNet BIS complements as a powerful business analysis tool to track end-to-end real-time performance of the network, in multiple perspectives.

With powerful algorithms and analysis engine feeding the dashboard, users across all levels of the organization get the information they need, custom displayed to meet their individual requirements. Thus while business managers get at-a-glance view of the status of services that their business depend on without losing the functionality to drill-down further , the operations team can drill down from the services status view to get details up to the network element level

Sample Views and Reports for Executive Dashboard include

  1. Revenue Trends and Projections
  2. Revenue Demographics Across Regions and Customers
  3. ROI Across Systems and Regions
  4. Revenue/(CapEx+OpCost+OpLoss)
  5. Business Applications of SLA Data
  6. User-Based Premium Service Offerings
  7. What-if Spreadsheets

Sample Views and Reports for Executive Dashboard include

  1. Consolidated Utilization Reports
  2. Operational costs
  3. Performance Profile Across Systems and Subscribers
  4. Configurable SLA Measurements on Operational Parameters


  1. Depending on the type of user, the dashboards can be customized to deliver role-based views and reports
  2. What-if Impact Analysis across services or technology for predictive management of the services and network infrastructure
  3. Reconciliation of transaction and system information
  4. Multi-level access control for role based user privileges
  5. Customizable Web-based views provide anytime anywhere access. These views are highly customizable with different choice of layouts and templates
  6. Enhanced Views based on multiple defined parameters


Preventive Analysis and Management - CygNet BIS helps decision-makers and operations personnel gain real-time perspective of the end-user experience and pinpoint the exact performance problems before they are propagated to customer

CapEx managed better - CygNet BIS highlights any sub-optimal utilization of resources thereby arming the planners to manage their capital investments effectively

OpEx managed better - CygNet BIS pre-empts operations personnel about any degrading performance in services or network failures. Consequently operations personnel can focus more on attending and managing failures, reducing maintenance effort.

Improved Business Visibility & Intelligence - CygNet BIS provides real-time end-to-end view of business services and processes that provides business visibility of availability, performance and status of each component. Additionally historical perspective helps in identifying recurring problems, impact on business revenue.

Improved Service Assurance - Business uptime is increased through pro-actively monitoring end-to-end critical services, processes and network infrastructure.

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