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Communication Service Providers
Shifting Paradigm: Service Management Is the Objective, Network Management Is the Tool.

Business Case

Current technologies and market dynamics are forcing telecom operators to shift business approach to top-down (meaning creation of services on network) from the current practice of bottom-up approach (services created over a network). Service providers, both Communications and Managed Services, are increasingly looking towards an integrated NMS from a service management perspective, meaning that the customer care process may escalate a service problem to the NOC. Thus the NMS must have some mechanism for correlating services with network conditions.

In this evolving process, the service providers face challenges in supporting their Network Operations Center (NOC). Key issues faced are

  1. Disparate management systems from multi-vendor or multi-technology rendering it difficult to correlate and accurately pinpoint the reason for a service or network failure quickly
  2. Proprietary management systems hinders ability to co-operate with existing or planned OSS/BSS
  3. Specialized requirements like integration of legacy infrastructure with proprietary interfaces
  4. Existing framework solutions are not cost-effective and time consuming for customization. Point solutions are fragmented and tedious to integrate with each other.

CygNet Solution

NMSWorks’ CygNet Solutions for Service Providers covers the Network, Service and Business Layers on the Telecom Network Management Model. With our “Solutions Approach” to customer coupled with direct technical support for customization and integration, customers identify our offerings as rewarding and reliable for long-term partnership.


CygNet Solutions and Services seek to address the issues as listed below

CygNet Feature / Benefit
Disparate management interfaces from multi-vendor multi-device CygNet NMS is engineered to provide common interface to all devices  and create a unified umbrella NMS solution
Fault correlation and filtering CygNet’s intelligent Root Cause Analysis provide mechanisms to correlate low-level, broad-impact failures with higher-level errors and also has the ability to suppress those messages in order to prevent operations personnel from being swamped in error messages
End-to-end provisioning CygNet NMS aids the network operations personnel with an end-to-end view.
Mechanism to correlate Service management with Network Conditions CygNet NMS are designed to create effective linkages between service processes and NMS capabilities enabling NOC personnel to drill down and uncover the network cause of service problems.

CygNet’s Service Impact Analysis feature supports this expectation
Ability to Interface with existing OSS/BSS CygNet components either include or interface with OSSs and BSSs in implementing the service and business layer functions of TMN Framework.
Customization is time consuming and costs high Unlike competition, NMSWorks provides customization and support services directly and not through indirect channels or system integrators. This coupled with our deep domain and technical expertise significantly benefits our customers with quick turn-around time and cost effectiveness.

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