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June 2006
State Bank of India has issued an order to NMSWorks to undertake a Proof of Concept project to monitor their Core-banking transactions.

The monitoring function is intended to monitor the process flow of banking transactions, and identify the various possible bottlenecks amongst the various network equipment that comprise the core banking solution. This information is critical for SBI to identify areas in their network where capacity augmentation is to be performed.

May 2006
Arasor Technologies Limited, Bangalore, reputed manufacturers of WiMax equipment and IPR owners of the Radio over Fibre (RoF) technology, has chosen the CygNet Integrated NMS as their EMS platform. Discussions are in the final stage between Arasor and NMSWorks to finalize the terms of the contract. However, the plans are to bundle the EMS along with the WiMax equipment under a long term contract.

March 2006
NMSWorks bags one of its largest order for the supply of an integrated network management system to manage the Convergent Billing Network to be deployed by Bharat Electronics Limited. This project involves the management of a diverse array of network equipment, and software applications.

February 2006
VSNL has issued orders to NMSWorks for the unified management of their SDH Transport equipments, to be based on the CygNet Integrated NMS platform.

This represents a major shift in VSNL's perception of NMSWorks - from being seen as an NMS vendor to now being seen as a NMS solutions partner. This shift has been the result of NMSWorks' committed endeavor in customizing CygNet to meet the operational needs of VSNL network maintenance personnel.

January 2006
NMSWorks Bags a prestigious order for development of a Remote Client application for ITI's NMS Solution for the ASCON Project.

This project involves the development of a remote client software for the ASCON NMS.

NMSWorks enters the Defence Segment by bagging the order for the management of a defence-test network at The Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR) Bangalore. The order signals the importance attributed by CAIR to indigenous vendors like NMSWorks.

October 2005
HFCL Infotel, the Basic Telecom Services operator has issued the purchase order for the integration of their corDECT WLL, Huawei Broadband and Huawei Narrowband Platforms into the unified CygNet Integrated Network Management System umbrella.

CygNet has been identified as the most suitable solution which gives HFCL Infotel's network surveillance team to manage their diverse technology platforms from a single console.

August 2005
VSNL has issued orders to NMSWorks for a CygNet Integrated NMS based management solution for their MMDS Network.

This comes as a further reassurance of the strength of CygNet as an integrated NMS solution, as perceived by VSNL, where CygNet already manages their ILL and VPN networks.

April 2005
NMSWorks bags its first international order to set-up a National Internet Exchange at Dhaka, Bangladesh. UNDP and The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) fund this project jointly, with the ultimate beneficiary of the internet exchange being the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission.

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