CygNet Service Management Platform

The trend that has emerged in the last several years, is the strong focus on customer satisfaction, which has meant a shift from a Resouce-centric paradigm for OSS solutions to a Service centric paradigm. The CygNet Service Management Platform is the foundation for the efficient functioning of the CygNet Service Fulfillment as well as Service Assurance systems. Based on the sound premise that accurate and up-to-date physical inventory plays a central role in the entire OSS-BSS value chain, the core of the CygNet SMP is the autodiscovery engine that fetches accurate, real-time resource inventory data from the network.

The unique value proposition of the CygNet Autodiscovery engine is the inbuilt correlation algorithms that automatically "sticth" end to end circuits across vendors and technolgoies and across L1, L2 and L3. This faciltates auto-discovery of services - network-facing services as well as customer facing services. The ability to correlate network facing and service facing inventory has a big impact on speeding up custmoer service activation process, as well as minimizing the impact of network outages on service subscribed to by the customer. All this is crucially dependent on the integrity and up-to-date state of the inventory data.

Value Proposition

  • Integrated Network Management Solution
  • Multi-Vendor EMS/NMS/NE Integration
  • Identification of Hanging Circuits
  • Automatic Discovery of Physical and Logical Resources and Services
  • End to End Circuit and Topology Discovery
  • Performance Management System – Trend and Threshold Reports
  • Optimal Path Computation and Automatics Activation


Service Fulfilment

Service Provisioning and Activation (SPAS)

Service Provisioning System assign,design and manages Reservation of services on logical and physical parameters based on CygNet Active inventory discovered from network.It uses active network inventory to design and reserve resources for service design.

The Service Activation Orchestrator interfaces with Domain Controllers, enabling fast deployment and provisioning of convergent services. The integrity of the inventory data, automatic path computation, and end-to-end automation are also enablers of smooth, efficient service fulfillment to end-users.

Service Assurance

The CygNet Service Assurance Platform provides comprehensive Fault Management and Performance Management capability, playing a key role in ensuring efficient operations. The Fault Management system proactively detects potential outages, allowing CSPs to take preventive measures and minimize service impact. One key component in this is the topology-aware root cause analysis module, which in tandem with Service Impact Analysis, rapidly identifies services that could be affected. The Performance Management System, along with the Service Quality Management System provide an efficient framework for effective service quality management and improved customer experience.

Network Discovery and Inventory

The CygNet Inventory Management System (IMS), developed by NMSWorks Software Pvt. Ltd., is a future ready active, federated inventory solution that addresses key challenges in this space. Designed as a suite of self-contained microservices, the Inventory Management System is designed as a software service exposing industry standard APIs to client systems other CygNet OSS/BSS modules as well as expernal systems.

Active Inventory

  • Automatic & Reschedule Discovery
  • Network & Service Model