CygNet OTNMS : Pre-integrated . Features Auto-Discovery , Provisioning and Inventory Management.

NMSWorks announces the availability of Network Management Solution for Optical Transport Networks pre-integrated for leading vendor technologies. The CygNet OTNMS, combining NMS, Service Provisioning and Mediation Server, is designed to seamlessly integrate and provide a unified network/service view across multiple vendor equipments. Another original feature of the solution is performing the bandwidth provisioning automatically across any diverse transport network whether it is via the EMS interface or by direct communication with the network element.

Addressing several other business pain-points of the telecom operator with disparate SDH/other optical transport networks, CygNet OTNMS delivers immediate ROI benefits

NMSWorks Software delivers network management solutions to some of the largest and most demanding telecom service providers, network equipment vendors and enterprises. Our experienced team of industry and technical experts has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by our clients as their network becomes increasingly disparate and NMS expectation has moved from pure play network uptime to integrated service delivery.

Backed by a strong research team we deliver cutting-edge network management framework and mediation adapters to integrate many third party EMS and network elements under our NMS solutions. All this at a competitive cost compared to the Big4 or other niche proprietary solutions.

By virtue of our close association with the celebrated TeNeT Group (of IIT Madras) , we frequently contribute our technical thoughts addressing industry issues related to the Network and Services management .These technical papers are widely published in industry related forum..